Kids have wants and needs just like all of us; however, they might use tactics that aren’t ideal for getting what they want. The easy answer is to give in to their pleading, whining, and negotiating, but is it really in their best interest to bend to these behaviors?

Some might say giving in to kids’ demands is just bad parenting. To that, I say there are no bad parents, there are only parents seeking advice that works. Writing from experience, I’ve found planning ahead helps us stay supported and not give in to the whiny pleas once they begin…

BONUS: Try My Breakthrough Parenting Technique for Eliminating Common Hurtful Phrases

We can’t expect ourselves to immediately have the perfect words to say every time our buttons get pushed. That said, if we allow certain damaging phrases to be part of our everyday vernacular, we aren’t taking into account the lingering hurtful effects they have on our child.

It’s helpful for us to examine common phrases we habitually use, then watch our kids for how those phrases are received. My kids rolled their eyes and chuckled at: “tough tits, life isn’t fair” or “parenting is thankless.” My personal worst parenting…

Take a Page from Ask Mom’s Playbook

Let’s be real; kids push us to our breaking point. It happens. It might seem as though the only logical way to solve a situation is to start yelling. Personally, my throat was sore daily from yelling at my kids so often. It took my son’s eyes glazing over for me to notice yelling might not be working for me.

I decided to take a parenting class to help me. My husband was deployed and I had four kids under the age of four, along with a full-time business. …

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Have you experienced how people will cheerfully insert their uninvited parenting feedback into a conversation, without a care as to how it might affect you? Whether it’s your parents or your friends, they feel the need to tell you what you should be doing with your little ones, and how you should be doing it.

Maybe these people feel that you handled your child’s meltdown wrong, or you didn’t get your child’s bedtime routine just right, or they’ve decided that you allowed your child’s manners to go to shit. …

Sue Donnellan

Sue Donnellan. Parent Mentor. Overwhelm Eliminator. No-Nonsense, Results-Based Household Transformer. Author. Entrepreneur. Wife. Mom of 4.

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